Orthopedic mats are the modules, which are connected with one another using a "puzzle" principle.
Maximal effect of the use of orthopedic mats is achieved due to versatility of texture and profile, and alteration of soft and rigid surfaces.
Such a combination stimulates all the necessary foot receptors, it contributes to correct development the physiological arches of foot.
Bright color modules are easy to wash and they resist well to intense use.
Orthopedic mat may well be used at home and in child-care institutions with an instructor.
"ORTHO PUZZLE" orthopedic mats have no analogues.
Why the Orthopedic mat «ORTHO PUZZLE» is Important
We have different module sets
Set module «First steps»
Set module «Forest»
Set module «Sea»
Video-review of Orthopedic mat «ORTHO PUZZLE»
Why you should choose us:
Unique shape of massage elements and base profile set the TM "ORTHO PUZZLE" mats apart from similar articles.
Original locking attachment is reliable to such an extent, that even the mats hung up vertically do not disengage. For the above reason the mats stay reliably locked during training sessions.
There are special elements put on each module, which prevent sliding on smooth flooring and guarantee safe training sessions.
TM "ORTHO PUZZLE" mats are fabricated of hypoallergic material and are completely safe for children.
Locking versatility allows to connect all the TM "ORTHO PUZZLE" mats together irrelevant of a set or the connection side.
Process of mat assembly promotes development of right brain and fine motor skills.
Bright colors contribute to color perception and color sensitivity.
There are several grades of mat surface rigidity for the enhanced effect.
TM "ORTHO PUZZLE" mats are subject to recycling.
TM "ORTHO PUZZLE" mats have passed all clinical and toxicological investigations and possess the status of a medical device.
Types of orthopedic massage mat modules
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