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What are the orthopedic mats
The mats are modules which simulate different natural surfaces and are connected to each other according to the principle of «puzzle» with the aid of special lock-and-fastening.
Orthopedic (massage) mats Trade Mark "ORTHO PUZZLE" is a registered medical product aimed at the correct formation of the feet, the prevention of flat feet, as well as improving the overall development of the children and the formation of their immune system.
The benefits of our product
What are THE orthopedic mats? According to statistics, 70 percent of children at the end of school are suffering from planar conditions, which subsequently has a negative impact on their health. The right foot bend is formed from early childhood, under the influence of certain muscles, at the moment when the child is walking on uneven surfaces. In order to make this possible in modern conditions, orthopaedic mats of the TM ORTHO PUZZLE have been developed. When children regularly practice on the mats, their feet forms correctly independently
Orthopedic mats of the TM ORTHO PUZZLE is an excellent solution for the treatment and prevention of flat feet.
The uniqueness of our product

Registration of a medical device

The product has passed all the necessary examinations and checks, received the status of a medical device in the territory of the European Union. According to the directive No. 93/42/EEC

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Intellectual Property Protection

The product has no analogues and competitors in the European Union market
All intellectual property rights are protected by applicable patents in the United States and the European Union countriesin in order to avoid fakes

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Product Details
Here is the video about our product! In the video you can find full information about each mat, modules and their features. Enjoy watching!
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MIX "Forest"
Age: for children from 1 year.
Quantity: 8 modules.
- MODULE «Cones» (hard)
- MODULE «Cone» (soft)
- MODULE «Thorns» (hard)
- MODULE «Grass» (hard)
Area - 0.5 sq.m.

MIX "Forest" simulates walking on rough terrain. This contributes to the development and support of the shock-absorbing properties of the foot, positively affects the work of the muscles of the foot and lower leg.
MIX "Hedgehogs"
Age - for children from 1 year.
Quantity - 8 modules
Module "Hedgehogs" (soft)
Module "Hedgehogs" (rough)
Module "Cacti" (soft)
Module "Cacti" (rough)
Area - 0.5 sq.m.
Due to the effect of needles, the vessels expand, blood circulation increases, and this leads to an acceleration of metabolism and recovery processes.

MIX "Universal"
Age - for children from 1 year
Quantity - 8 modules Module "Grass" (rough)
Module "Thorns" (rough)
Module "Hedgehogs" (rough)
Module "Hedgehogs" (soft)
Area - 0.5 sq.m.
MIX modules have a hard and soft terrain to alternate the degree of impact. Special relief surfaces allow the child's foot to form properly by improving microcirculation and muscle contractility.
MIX "Sea pebbles"
Age - for children from 1 year
Quantity - 8 modules
-Module "Sea pebbles" (soft)
-Module "Sea pebbles" (hard)
Area - 0.5 sq.m.
Walking alternately on soft and hard sea stones significantly reduces the load on the joints of the legs and on the spine. Develops and strengthens the musculo-ligamentous apparatus on the feet of the baby.
MIX " Savannah "
Age - for children from 1 year
Quantity - 8 modules
- Module "Sea pebbles" (rough)
- Module "Cacti" (soft)
- Module "Sea pebbles" (soft)
- Module "Hedgehogs" (soft)
Area - 0.5 sq.m.
Walking on the massage surfaces of MIX significantly improves all functions of the foot, promotes the development and strengthening of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus, prevents deformation of the feet, and also reduces the load on the joints.
MIX "First Step"
Age - for children from 9 months
Quantity - 8 modules
-Module "Grass" (soft)
-Module "Sea pebbles" (soft)
-Module "Sunflower" (soft)
-Module "Butterfly" (soft)
Area - 0.5 sq.m.
MIX massage surfaces have a tonic effect, help in the correct formation of the arch of the foot and prevent the appearance and development of asymmetric walking, which reduces the risk of flat feet and positively affects the condition of the legs in the future.
MIX "Sea"
Age - for children from 1 year
Quantity - 8 modules
- Module "Sea bottom"
- Module "Ocean"
- Module "Sea reef"
- Module "Sea wave"
MIX allows you to deal with diseases such as hypertonicity and hypotonicity of the muscles of the foot and lower leg, arthritis, insomnia, hyperpronation, flat feet.

MIX "Trail of Health"
Age - for children from 1 year
Quantity - 8 modules
Module "Hedgehogs" (rough)
Module "Cacti" (rough)
The Health Pathway effectively affects the muscles of the feet, while helping to reduce the symptoms of various diseases (Neuromo Morton, Taylor deformity, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, varicose veins).
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