How does foot massage help the immune system?

Common regulations to gymnastics on orthopedic mat

Orthopedic mats are great helpers in preventive care and cure of many feet problems. Massage helps to cope with tiredness and water retention just in several minutes after walking on relief cover. Orthopedic mats “ORTO PUZZLE” cure flat foot, over-pronation, planovalgus foot deformity, arthrosis, arthritis, varix. Great advantage of such mats is that not only children can use them, but also adults.

General requirements to performing gymnastics on orthopedic mat: 
it’s highly recommended to do exercises bare-foot or in thin socks. 

You should clean mat with soap water and treat your mat with sanitizer at least once a week. 

You can combine module mats as a path or one-piece mat, as your child prefers. 

Durability of walking on orthopedic mat depends on physical condition of your child and his age. You should do one exercise at least for 2-3 minutes. 

If your baby is making his first steps, for this “First Steps” mix of “ORTHO PUZZLE” mats is the best decision.

For elder children the following mixes are suitable: “Forest”, “Savannah”, “Universal” etc. Don’t make your child walk on relief puzzles. You can use your imagination and do gymnastics as a funny game.

You can do exercises every day.
The easiest and most universal exercises on orthopedic mat - walking on toes and heels, walking on inner and outer parts of foot. It’s very important to stand tall and don’t turn to the sides.

Orthopedic mats “ORTO PUZZLE” will perfectly suit to performing exercises for preventing flat foot and other defects of supporting-motor apparatus. Gymnastics on a bright module mat will turn into a funny game for children, thanks to that, color perception is developing and accurate massage of active points on a child's foot is performed.
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