How does foot massage help the immune system?

Cure flat-foot, playing with your child

All mothers dream to cure and play with their children at the same time. It’s the best matching, which can be! But how can we do this and what do we need for this? Let’s figure it out.

We would like to start with the fact that children make even the most unpleasant “work” better in a play. It’s a well-known fact. Especially, it concerns children, who should perform certain actions due to their doctor’s prescriptions. How do you make your child do this without forcing him? Easily. You can get it just by playing with him.

We would like to offer you some variants of game-exercises, which you can play with your child of any age.

1. Place “ORTHO PUZZLE” mats in chess-board order. Let your child imagine, that it’s water around him and mats are hillocks, which is the only way to get to dry land. You can use plaid, mat or any other soft floor cover as for land. Let your child jump from one side of “bank” to another one for several times. 

2. Place “ORTHO PUZZLE” mats like for hopscotch game. You can play with him.

3. Collect “ORTHO PUZZLE” mats together. You can play this game at least for two. The task for your child is to take a box from the mix in his hands, put his feet shoulder width apart, bend and hand you over the box between his legs. You take this box and hand him over above your head, putting your hand up. You can play this game even with several children. 

You can create many other games with your child, based on his interests and hobbies. The most important thing is that he cures while playing, strengthens his immunity and makes his organism healthier.
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