How does foot massage help the immune system?

How does foot massage help the immune system?

Feet massage is highly estimated over a hundred years. It is often used for improving health and relaxation of practically the whole body. It’s considered that pressure on nerve endings helps to set free energy blockings in different parts of body. 

Feet massage on orthopedic mat is used to relief pain, get rid of stress and even speed up the recovery after injuries. 

For this, “ORTHO Puzzle” mat, which consists of colorful modules, will fit the best. Not only adults, but also children will like relief floor covering. 

Orthopedic mat “ORTHO Puzzle” can be combined in different variations and even make different sets of this trade-mark, as these modules have the same size - 25 x 25 cm.

Reflexology feet massage relieves stress, improves blood circulation and boost the immunity.This specific method of feet massage, based on neurological links between foot parts and inner organs. Pressing on these areas has a positive and stimulating impact on the corresponding inner organ. So, feet massage has both relax and healthy effects

You will get the following positive effects, if you do the exercises on orthopedic mat “ORTHO Puzzle” regularly:
  • relax of muscles;
  • nervous tension gets lower;
  • pain in muscles and joints is relieved;
  • removal of excess accumulations of lactic acid is accelerated;
  • blood circulation is stimulated;
  • health condition is saved and is even improved.

Feet massage on relief surface of orthopedic mat lowers the level of cortisol, serotonin and dopamine hormones. Thanks to that, the procedure helps to deal with elevated heart rate and also with high blood pressure. Everyday massages will help you to prevent ankles and feet injuries in future.

Massage is quite pleasant procedure, which make only positive effect on the whole organism, it allows you to cope with a lot of different diseases. Great advantage of massage on orthopedic mat is that you can do it at home.
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