How does foot massage help the immune system?

Massage mats for children - benefits and types

Orthopedic doctors say, that for forming correct foot arch it’s necessary to walk on uneven surfaces. Of course, you can do this in a warm season, but it becomes more difficult in cold time. Orthopedic modular mats “ORTO PUZZLE” were invented in order for children to get use of relief surfaces at any time. 

They are used for the following purposes:

Form correct foot arch;

Take prophylactic measures of orthopedic diseases; 

Eliminate overpronation, flat foot and other diseases of supporting-motor apparatus;

Relief of muscle spasms;

Normalize organism in whole.

All these effects are gained even during 10-15 minutes exercises on relief surfaces. Feet massage, which is made during training, make positive effect on the whole organism. Besides, there are some more benefits of orthopedic mats:

Immunity strengthening;
Activation of nervous system;
They allow to develop different skills: fine motor skills, sensorics, color perception, logic and many others. They help to learn the world around. Wide range of modular mats allow you to choose the optimal variant for you. 

Choice of cover should be performed, depending on the following factors:

Age - there are sets of “ORTO PUZZLE” playmats that can be used by children from 9 months, 1 year, and also older, than 10 years old.  Material - we also have TPE mats. Colors - there are both bright and pastel colors “ORTHO PUZZLE” playmats. Rigidity - all mixes are made due to the principle of combination of soft and hard modules, that allows to work all feet zones the most properly. But, in some sets, there are more soft modules than hard. And it’s better to start training  with such sets.As orthopedic mats “ORTHO PUZZLE” is not only the way to healthy foot, but to the health of the whole organism, and also improvement of many child’s skills.
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