How does foot massage help the immune system?

Does your child need a mat for feet massage?

The reason for progress of feet diseases is … level floor! It didn’t seem to you. This is really so. As soon as a child starts to make first steps, his foot has already started to form. In order to help the foot to avoid different orthopedic diseases (valgus, varus, flat foot and others), orthopedic mats “ORTHO PUZZLE” were created. They help to cope either with already existing diseases, or use them for prevention, in safe, interesting and effective way.

“ORTHO PUZZLE” mats look like square (module), on which relief volumetric elements, imitating natural surfaces or living organisms (insects, plants, sea creatures etc) are placed. TPE is used as material - it’s firm, doesn’t paint, doesn’t slip and possess some other positive qualities. For example, it doesn’t cause allergies. Connections between modules are made in the shape of “puzzle” lock. Unicity of this lock is that you can also connect modules from different sets that allows to create the needed place for training.

You can choose not only classic morning exercises as a variant of training, but also learning relief elements, shades. You can imagine your own funny game with your child, hold competitions on mats, if you have several children. For example, you can hold a competition “Who collects 4 modules of mats faster” or “Guess who is hiding under the palm (just let your child learn the module, at first, then, hide one of the elements from him, your child should remember what element it was).

Orthopedic mats - it’s not only the way to form foot correctly, but also the way to improve blood-stream, eliminate some neurological diseases, and also give a lot of positive emotions.

Modular mats “ORTHO PUZZLE” can be used with children from 9 months age, which allows to start working under correct foot position from the very first steps of your baby. 
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