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News about EN-71 certificate

We have great news! We have obtained EN-71 certificate, which allows to sell “ORTHO PUZZLE” mats in European toys’ shops. 

What is certificate EN-71?

This certificate confirms not only safety of “ORTHO PUZZLE” modular mats, but also their correspondence to all the regulations for toys in Europe. It was necessary to perform a lot of laboratory tests, which should prove this correspondence due to the following criteria:

  • Physico-chemical characteristics;
  • presence of detrimental compounds in materials;
  • mechanical characteristics;
  • combustibility;
  • electrical characteristics.

How did we come to this
About half a year ago, we decided to help our European partners with their wholesale and open the new way for realization - toys’ shops. For this, it was necessary to get EN-71 certificate, which we haven’t previously known about. 

It took us a lot of time to collect materials about stages of getting this document, laboratory search, investigations ect. Now, all these stages are successfully overcome.

As a result, we have this certificate, which allows our European partners to develop their businesses, and we’re glad that more European children will have healthy feet, strengthen their immunity and develop a great variety of skills, which will become the key to the successful future.
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