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Modular mats “ORTHO PUZZLE” from TPE

Several months ago, modular mats from TPE material appeared in assortment of “ORTHO PUZZLE”. Many of our clients are interested what is the difference between PVC and TPE. However, before we start to talk about differences, it’s necessary to understand what is TPE material.

So, TPE or thermoelastoplast, or thermoplastic rubber is a mix of polymers, which allows to create different things from it under the impact of high temperatures. We actively use it in production of modular mats, as this material can also be recycled as PVC, which helps us to state confidently that our product is eco-friendly. 

You can compare TPE with crosslinked rubber goods in their elasticity, i.e. its key characteristic, which allows to create different surfaces. Besides, this material allows to speed up the production cycle, as the process of cure is shorter than PVC. Besides, TPE mats are brighter and they have lower density, which makes them more pleasant for children’s feet.

Also, our clients mark the following positive qualities of TPE modules:

Elastic - they hold their shape well, even if they’re put into the box without cardboard;

Ecological safety - is that material is exposed further recycling, which characterizes it from the point of view of safety for nature and environment; 

It isn’t spoilt when folding it - if a child decides to fold the mat, he can do it with a great effort and the module won’t be spoilt because of it;

It’s hard to tear, as mat is made of TPE;

It tolerates temperature changes well, i.e, if, for example, you store a box on the balcony, then the material will not lose its properties when placing the mat on a warm floor for classes;

Good beat resistance, i.e, if a child is jumping or running on the mat, it doesn’t spoil it;

It’s allowed to be washed with chemical agents.

We are sure that you will also like “ORTHO PUZZLE” mats of TPE, as well as PVC!
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