How does foot massage help the immune system?

Immunity of children, who are often ill

Regular evidence of respiratory diseases not only bother children to leave fully, but also make negative effect on forming system and organs of growing organisms. Often this condition says about low immunity. 

There can be a lot of causes for low immunity:
  • troubled pregnancy;
  • Peg feeding during the first year of baby’s life;
  • Wrong organisation of feeding;
  • Bowel’s diseases (e.g.disbacteriosis) ;
  • Chronic diseases;
  • Long course of antibiotics without control;
  • Inactive lifestyle.

Immunity cannot be weakened only due to the one cause. There are always some more “signs” of low resistance to diseases. The whole difficult of chronic ARVI is that immunity becomes so weak, that more complicated diseases, such as allergy, bronchial asthma and many others.

The most correct decision is to strengthen the immunity. However, before you start doing this, it’s necessary to consult immunologist and find out the reason of organism weakening. After that, the specialist will prescribe a number of measures, which should be taken to strengthen the immunity. Also, you should add some activity, like elementary exercises on modular mats “ORTHO PUZZLE” together with medicated methods to strengthen it. These mats provide not only pleasant feet massage and form their correct position, but also they can strengthen the immunity, if you train on them regularly.
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