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What are the orthopedic mats

Orthopedic (massage) mats TM "ORTO PUZZLE" is a registered medical product aimed at the correct formation of feet, the prevention of flat feet, as well as improving the overall development of the child and the formation of his immune system.

The mats are modules that imitate various natural surfaces, which are interconnected according to the principle of «puzzle» by means of special lock-and-fastening.
The benefits of our product
According to statistics, 70% of students suffer from flat feet by the time they leave school, which further negatively affects the health of the child. The correct bend of the foot is formed from early childhood under the influence of certain muscles at the moment when the child walks on uneven surfaces. To make this possible in modern conditions, orthopedic mats TM "ORTO PUZZLE" were developed. With regular classes on them, the arch of the child's foot is formed independently.

What are MASSAGE MATS? This is a set of modular rugs, the surfaces of which consist of various relief elements. Each module has its own color
The uniqueness of our product
Unique product
Massage mats of TM «ORTHO PUZZLE» - is a multifunctional product, which is positioned/sold at the market a child's developing toy, as it influences the development of color perception, fine motor skills, figurative thinking, and child's general outlook.
This product has a wide audience and can be supplied in kindergartens, pre-school institutions, children's goods shops, children's toys wholesale shops, development centers, sports clubs and wellness centers, which directly increase your income.
Increase your profit
We have prepared for you an example from our partner who successfully sells our play-mats in his country and this is the way how you can earn by selling our product. You make contract to supply our products to 136 kindergartens. Each kindergarten has an average of 5 groups of 12 children. For one group of children, five sets of mats are enough. That is, 25 sets can be delivered to 1 kindergarten.
25 sets x 136 kindergartens = 3400 sets for the first purchase.
Your purchase costs for 3,400 sets:
1. Purchase of sets 3400 x 16,5 € (set price) = 56,100€
2. Transportation costs — 2700 €
Your expenses are as follows: €57,780

Price per set for kindergarten 60€
Your income will be 3,400 sets x 60€ = 204,000€
Your income is 146,220
Make money with us in 1 month!
Registration of a medical device
The product has passed all the necessary examinations and checks, received the status of a medical device in the EU countries
Outcome of cooperation with us
New niche on the market
Growth of the client base
Increase in income
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Product Details
Here is the video about our product! In the video you can find full information about each mat, modules and their features. Enjoy watching!
Reviews about our product
See our video charging option! We will now do it on mats @ortho_puzzle! This manufacturer has many advantages: If you look closely at such mats, then @ortho_puzzle is one of the best!
Ortho mats - a very cool thing - # musthave for kids from 6-7 months. @ortho_puzzle — save contacts of this producer.
I wanted to get a quality set of orthopedic mats. Who seeks will always find. Orthopedic mats @ortho_puzzle have no disadvantages. That is great useful product!
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