29 and 30 October, 2021 was VeineDAGEN fair in Gorinchem, Netherlands. This event takes place every year and it is organized for disabled children and also their parents. The unicity of this event is that it is actual both for those who take part in this fair, and for visitors. As first category can get the opinion and needs of visitors, and also share professional and useful information with them, which maybe a real know-how for them.

Our partner from Netherlands, Inga, visited this even as participant. And we decided to know some details from her:

- Inga, what impressed you the most at VeineDAGEN?

- I was very surprised, that many parents didn't know about orthopedic mats "ORTHO PUZZLE". They were surprised, that such magic mats exist. Not only parents of children, who are active were interested in these mats, but also parents, whose children can't walk, for sensory development.

- What mixes were the most popular among visitors?

- "First Steps" and "Savannah".

-What do you think, why exactly these mixes were so popular?

- I think that "Savannah" mix is popular because of relief modules "Sea pebbles". This is just what disabled children need, because they not only help with different moving problems, but also make positive effect on the whole organism, what is especially actual for these children. And what about popularity of "First Steps" mix, it isn't a surprise. As a rule, it's the first mix, which people buy for their first experience with orthopedic mats, as it's modules are softer, brighter, more different and they are very careful to baby's feet.

- What do you think, what is the unicity of such fairs, like VeineDAGEN?

- I'm sure, that exactly at such events, parents understand, that they're not alone with their problem. Many of them find friends there (both parents and children), who help one another in different situations both morally, and physically. Such events also help parents to know about new modernized things, methods, which allow to improve their child's and also their own lives. And exhibitors understand what should be their further aims and what can they do to meet the inquires in inventions.
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