TM «ORTHO PUZZLE» is actively developing in other countries of the world. Today we will meet you with our partner from Holland, who will talk about his effective brand development experience in his country.

Tell me about yourself and your business. What country are you from?

Now I live in Holland, but I came to Holland in 2011 from the wonderful city of Sochi. There I worked in the tourist business. In Holland I came to see my young man (already husband). Here I also work in tourism.

When and where did you get the idea to sell orthopedic mats of TM "ORTHO PUZZLE"?

I have a kid. He's 7 years old. He's got a flatfoot problem. We started to do it with a physical therapist who had his orthopedic mat in his office. To enhance the effect, the doctor offered to buy home an orthopedic mat.
One day on Instagram, I saw orthopaedic mats on one of the bloggers (your partner) and I decided to order them. A few weeks later, we got them. We really liked the mats. And I decided to start selling them here in Holland.

What steps have been taken to establish a business in your country?

After I found your company and put a request on the website, the manager contacted me and provided all necessary materials for the work (POS materials, photos, content).
After that, I registered my company...
Yeah, that's right, I didn't have a company, I built it from scratch to start working with you and selling your product in Holland. It took a month.

Didit matter to youthe presence of Medical Device and availability of conducted clinical trials
on mats when deciding on cooperation?

Yes. In Holland, the availability of such documents, which attest the quality and usefulness of products, is really an indicator and serves as an incentive to buy. Mortover the product is recyclable - this fact is also important for European countries, because the topic of ecology is very important.
And I have to say, the medical certificate immediately gave me an idea of how can I sell this product.

Who do you work with? How do you sell?

One of the main sales channels is physical therapy. The health-care system in Holland is built in such a way that the child does not go to the doctor first, but he is treated by a physiotherapist. The opinions of these specialists are trusted and appreciated. Therefore such partners are very valuable for realization of the product.
The second sales channels is the kindergartens. Recently I offered to test the product one of the kindergartens. Children delighted about it. Therefore, I will further develop in this direction and replenish the partnership base.
How do you promote the product?

As I mentioned, we're working with physiotherapists, they're actively promoting our product, and I have a website that just launched. While I'm not actively developing it yet. I have also placed the product in a local Holland place market (analogue of Amazon). I develop Instagram, make emails, attends meetings and do cold calls. I have to say, it's not easy, but I'm doing a lot to keep my business going.

How did you know that the product was in demand in your country?

Despite the fact that the product is new in Holland, it is still asked anyway, recommended as experts so mothers each other. Initially, when I was just deciding to cooperate with you, I knew that there was an analogue in our country, but it wasn't exactly something that children were interested in and within touch for families.

How your business is built ? Do you have a team? Who helps you promote and sell products?

I don't have a team yet. I do everything myself: flyers, texts, Instagram, mailing list negotiations. Right now, all I have on my team is an accountant and a husband who helps me actively . Talking about others specialists, I haven't found the right team to help me move forward. Because I'm just started this business.

What was the hardest thing for you to start a business?

You know, I can't single out something specific. There were no complications. Everything went on as usual and I worked and did a lot for it.

What advices can you give the Newcomers (Beginners)?
I can advise beginners following : do not delay with the beginning. Even if you're still waiting for the product, don't waste your time. Start immediately working out the ways of realization, create a website, lead your Instagram. As soon as you have the product in your warehouse, you can sell it right away.

What are your plans for the future development of the ORTHO PUZZLE brand in your country? Do you plan to cover new markets?
I plan to cover new markets, but first I need to develop in my country. Among the countries I would like to cover are Belgium, Germany, perhaps France. And if we talk about Belgium, I already have some ideas about how to take a niche in this country - with the help of a Belgian market place. This is also an analogue of Amazon.

How can we help you with your plans in development? What kind of support do you expect from us?
I wish that mixes are formed differently. For example, one mix could consist of a module «Spike», «Cacti» and others having similar reliefs. My clients even collect their own mixes sometimes, depending on the children's feet disease.
For example, one of the physiotherapists did not like the mix «Sea», because from her point of view it must be supplemented with other, more rigid modules.
But at the same time I want to point out that the mix «Sea» is very liked by children from kindergartens.

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