We conquer Europe!

The team of Leader Polymer LLC took part in the XI-th International specialized exhibition "KIDS 'TIME 2020", which was in Poland.

KIDS 'TIME is the largest exhibition of the children's industry in Central and Eastern Europe, and one of the most important in the World. This exhibition, organized in B2B format, brings together the most important manufacturers and distributors of childen's goods, as well as accessories.
Interesting figures:

-Three bright exhibition days, 8 exhibition halls, crowded with proposals from manufacturers and distributors.
- More than 537 participants, including 73 foreign companies from 20 countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Turkey, the USA, Great Britain and Italy.
-About 8,000 guests from 50 countries

At the exhibition we provided the product TM «ORTHO PUZZLE» - orthopedic modular mats.
Our product received a high positive rating from the guests of the exhibition and was noted by the Trade Representative of the Chamber of Industry in Poland.

We would like to notice that we have received excellent «feedback» and from the owners of Polish commercial kindergartens, this indicates that the product we produce is qualitative, unique, functional, and certification is valid even within the European Union.

Already in the first day more than twenty contacts of major distributors from all over Europe had been gathered, ready to cooperate with us!

The stand presented by us was full of visitors to the exhibition throughout the days! Press, interviewers, guests, partners and future partners! It was full- house! : )
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